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February 10, 2006

Christian Mission Statements

Filed under: Mission Statements — Dan Spencer @ 3:22 pm

Q1: A business owner just updated his company mission statement to include the term “Christian principles”. The expanded definition reads: “We know of no better role model for us than Jesus Christ. The life He lived inspires us and the principles He taught are the basis for all of our decisions.”

One of his senior employees objected to this because he thought that the term Christian would be offensive and could open us up to discrimination and harassment claims. He also complained that he thought employee actions should be stronger and company words softer. He also considers himself a Christian. He just does not think a company should “wear it’s religion on its sleeve”

The owners response is that legally they are ok provided they do not discriminate based on religious beliefs. The owner agreed that actions and deeds should be stronger but believes the mission statement sets the bar. He thinks it says who they are, why they exist, who they aspire to be, etc.

What would your advice be to this business owner?


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